Here's what's been happening
Apparently, I'm a "sociopath."
I’ve taken at least a dozen showers since I binge-watched HBO’s limited series, Mrs. Fletcher, and I still haven’t managed to scrub away the ickiness.
My grad school writing professor told me to prepare a manifesto to read aloud to the class. Here's what I wrote.
Earlier today, when I noticed that the actress Rose Byrne was trending on Twitter, I figured it was for either one of two reasons: Byrne…
It was 1990, the year of the Hubble Telescope and the World Wide Web, of Pretty Woman and Dick Tracy. It was the year of “Vogue.”
Quarantine from COVID-19 means screening the films I missed last year — and reading them to filth.
By cancelling people on social media, we are cancelling ourselves.
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