My grad school writing professor told me to prepare a manifesto to read aloud to the class. Here's what I wrote.
Earlier today, when I noticed that the actress Rose Byrne was trending on Twitter, I figured it was for either one of two reasons: Byrne…
It was 1990, the year of the Hubble Telescope and the World Wide Web, of Pretty Woman and Dick Tracy. It was the year of “Vogue.”
Quarantine from COVID-19 means screening the films I missed last year — and reading them to filth.
By cancelling people on social media, we are cancelling ourselves.
Brad Pitt gives a measured performance in a beautiful spectacle of a film that doesn’t know what it’s supposed to be
From middle school fashion trends to Mariah Carey music videos, here are the pop culture moments that shaped by homosexuality.
Seven weeks until Labor Day — just enough time to polish off these poignant, sophisticated, sexy titles.
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